Frequently Asked Questions

  • What about trial period?

    When you sign up for Inselly Pro, you start 14-days fully functional trial period. No credit card or setup payments required.

    To continue using Inselly Pro without interruption, set up your billing before your trial ends.

  • How do I cancel my trial?

    If you decide not to use Inelly Pro, you can cancel your subscription during your trial without making any payments.

    Simply click the avatar in the right upper corner and visit the Settings section.

  • What happens after my trial period ends?

    If your trial period ends and you haven’t set up billing, you receive an email notification about account suspension.

    You can still access the dashboard and all your data is retained, but users won't have access your Shopabble Gallery and etc.

    You can reactivate your account by setting up your billing.

  • How much does it cost?

    If you have less than 50K followers in your Instagram account, then after the trial expires Inselly Pro will cost you $20 per month (early birds).

    If you have more than 50K followers, then we'll get in touch with you during the trial to make a great offer.

  • How do I pay for the service?

    To use Inselly Pro you need to have an active Paypal account. Soon we'll add more payment options.

  • What is Shopabble Gallery and how do I create it?

    Shopabble Gallery is a copy of your Instagram, where every picture is linked to a relevant product page on your website.

    Convert Instagram posts to your Shopabble Gallery using your online Dashboard. To setup a Shoppable Gallery just add a relevant URL to every Instagram picture.

  • How can I use my Shopabble Gallery in Instagram?

    Change your Instagram bio link to direct followers to your Shopabble Gallery.

  • Is it possible not to change the link in bio if I need it for other purposes?

    Sure! In this case simply ask your Instagram followers to comment the product they'd like to buy with their email or hashtag.

    They will receive a direct link to this product via email. Don't forget to setup your Shopabble Gallery before using this feature.

  • What is email checkout?

    Any Instagram user can get a direct checkout link email, by commenting your product picture on Instagram.

    Don't forget to setup your Shopabble Gallery before using this feature.

  • What is hashtag checkout?

    Any Instagram user who has previously commented your Instagram picture with an email can further use #SOLD hashtag or any other custom hashtag to get a direct checkout link email.

    Don't forget to setup your Shopabble Gallery before using this feature.

  • How many custom hashtags can I use?

    You can use unlimited number of custom hashtags or ask your customers to use the basic #SOLD tag. However we recommend to use up to 2-3 hashtags to keep it simple and comprehensive for your followers.

  • There are only few pictures from my Instagram in the Dashboard, where are the others?

    During the first visit Inselly only uploads Instagram pictures that were posted less than 30 days before. If you need older pictures, please, get in touch with us.

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